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Short Film - Touch The Sky

Touch The Sky is a short Film that I wrote specially for the Recovery Street Film Festival 2023.

I was very grateful that the film has made it onto the top 15 shortlist and will be screened up and down the country across September and will also be screened at the celebration event at Everyman Cinema in Chelsea, London, which will be held on 29th September at 11:00am.

This is a captivating short film that follows the recovery journey of Cathy, a young woman with a burning desire to transcend the limitations of her past life. It tells a story of different stages of her Recovery journey throughout the years, including Isolation - Redemption - Past thoughts - Reflection - Carrying on - present life. How far can she go? From her small cluttered lonely world, Cathy gazes longingly at the sky, yearning for a future filled with endless possibilities.


Directed | Written | Edited by Racheal Tse


Cathy - Racheal Tse

Support Worker - Richard K Hill

Jack (VO) - JD Gibson

DOP - Richard K Hill

Music Composer - Xavier Lo

Sound Mixer - Ted Huggins

Colour Grading - Ziggy Li

Production Assistant - Emrick Lee

Music "Carry on"

Written and Sung by Racheal Tse

Melody Composed by Richard K Hill

Special thanks to:

Siyi Gu Tianyi Shen Bobby Calloway

Filmmarking is abusolutely about teamwork, I can't thank enough for my supportive friends who came to help me and pull it off.

I live to tell my story and hoping my story can inspire others like me to see the Hope!

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