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Crowdfunding for The Long Walk - Short Film

I am so excited to be one of the Associate Producer for this amazing short film - THE LONG WALK, STORY - By Andrew Alton-Read SCREENPLAY - By Monet Morgan

The message of the film is - REACH OUT, DON'T STAY SILENT, ASK FOR HELP.

Andrew Wallis is currently producing a short film a psychological drama, a hero's story like the films The Golden Fleece or Girl Interrupted, but about a boy. Based on a true story about negative mental health and psychosis.

A young boy suffers trauma and then is catapulted into a world of psychosis. The film is about a young man's adventure, finding help from the most unlikely strangers. How he survives and is able to put his experiences of mental health to the good.

His struggle with mental health leads to a psychotic episode, losing touch of all reality, leading him to go on a Long Walk all over London, meeting a few unexpected surprises along the way.

A positive film. Uplifting and thought-provoking, dramatic and engaging.

Andrew wanted to make this film to reach out and help people struggling with negative mental health, to know that there is help, it's okay not to be okay. Keep talking about it. We are making the film to raise awareness and help people.

Please help us make it happen by donating, sharing, hashtag #thelongwalk

Every £1 matters, plus we have some amazing perks to choose from.

Social media - TWITTER/INSTAGRAM - @longwalk_short

FACEBOOK - longwalkshort for more information.

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